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Kill your foes with a goldfish!
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Weapons in Trove come in all different looks and one also shouldn't underestimate a tool like a plunger! When a weapon is dropped, it's surrounded by a distinctive colored glow, from which the player can determine the level of the weapon. Weapons of the lower levels don't glow. The tool tip of each weapon shows further information, so one with a white text is a rather low-level weapon whereas a multicolored (or rainbow) text represents a very advanced one with better stats. The colors in order of lowest to highest by rank are green, blue, purple, orange, red, rainbow, and black/shadow.

As the first phrase in this article insinuates, there are many different things in Trove, which can be used as a weapon. Some of the designs are from Trove-players and there is a huge amount of items just perfect to whack some monsters with:

Neon Ninja weapons[edit | edit source]

Gunslinger/Pirate Captain weapons[edit | edit source]

Dracolyte/Ice Sage/Tomb Raiser weapons[edit | edit source]

Make your own weapons![edit | edit source]

Interested in voxel weapons? Here is more information in this video:

Meet other Trove players on Trove Creations and be creative!