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Hello, I'm a 39 year old illustrator, gamer, I enjoy wikis and I'm a member of the CURSE team (Wiki Manager). If there are questions, ideas, conflicts or problems, please contact me via the talk page or email. I started gaming way back, when Gameboys just had hatched and I also still remember when my old C64 died (R.I.P old pal), and I just had bought Sid Meier's Pirates! I love RPGs, especially adventures set in Faerûn, but I'm also open for the Elder Scrolls Universe, Ultima and etc.

While I still like to play single player games, I also started a liking for MMOs, just to name a few: Lord of the Rings Online, Tera, Wildstar, DnD Online.
I speak english and german, a bit of really poor french and if I'm not wikiing, I'm working on my drawings or paintings.

I wish you all happy wikiing!

Wikis I monitor at moment