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Terraformers are items that can be used in Club Worlds to transform an area into a new biome. They can be crafted at a Worldspring.

Directions[edit | edit source]

After crafting an Infinity Frame and converting it into a terraformer, stand near the edge of a zone and aim outwards towards the area you want to terraform. While using your terraformer, hold down the button. Your character should perform an animation and varying effects (dependant on the type of terraformer used) will display near your character. At the end of the animation, you should have your new zone formed.

Try not to stand too close to the edge of a piece of land, or the terraformer will probably not work.

Types of Terraformers[edit | edit source]

Sea of Regret Terraformer
Peaceful Hills Terraformer
Peaceful Field Terraformer
Tabula Rasa Terraformer
Medieval Highlands Terraformer
Frigga's Fjord Terraformer
Permafrost Terraformer
Desert Frontier Terraformer
Uncanny Valley Terraformer
Volcanic Fields Terraformer
Neon City Terraformer