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Shadow Hunter

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Shadow Hunter
This class can be bought
in the TROVE store
for 5000 Cubit templ.png or 1050 Rainbowcubit.png

"Shadow Hunters destroy evil wherever it may hide. Heed the Dark Whispers of your captured shadow, pick off distant enemies with a charged Radiant Arrow, and trap them with Sun Snares when they get close." - In-Game Class Description

Icon Ability name Description
Dark whispers.png Dark Whispers Nearby enemies periodically receive a Shadowmark, increasing the damage they take from charged Radiant Arrow shots and allowing the Shadow Hunter to see them through walls.
Radiant arrow.png Radiant Arrow An attack that can pierce through enemies and walls. Hold for at least 1 second to charge, causing it to deal extra damage to Shadowmarked enemies.
Sun snare.png Sun Snare Throws a blinding trap which stuns and damages all nearby enemies for 2 seconds when triggered.
Arrow of the goddess.png Arrow of the Goddess Applies Shadowmark to all nearby enemies. Empowers the Shadow Hunter's next Radiant Arrow, increasing its damage and causing it to knock enemies back.


1: For soloing with a Shadow Hunter the first thing to remember is distance, Attacking from range is obvious but once in battle is easy to forget, Melee enemies that manage get close to you will easily take massive chunks out of your health, To avoid this, make full use of your sun snares and dodging to keep away from enemies, (And if you have the buff, Multiple jumps, However, this will mess with your aim and will take practice) Of course keeping distance from enemies is harder in close quarter areas so be mindful of your surroundings. Your only crowd control attack is sun snare so prioritising your targets is necessary as your stamina will not hold up under constant stress, as a back-up plan if you're running out of options, your ultimate can get out out of a tight spot, but as you definitely want to save that for boss fights use it sparingly.

2: Shoot, run, wait for them to begin to retreat; Repeat.

General Tips

Again, Distance, it might seem obvious but once you're fighting something you loose ground quite fast.

Sun snares combined with radiant Arrows chew up Stamina, I suggest you favour Radiant Arrows, stunning and slightly singing your enemies eyebrows only gets you so far.

Skill Usage



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