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Shadow Giant

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The Shadow Giant

A Shadow Giant is a large, powerful enemy that appears to randomly spawn near players during a Shadow Invasion.

Players can tell when they are spawning by a loud, strange sound, and the appearance of a dark opening in the sky which the Shadow Giant(s) will shoot out from. They will, however, despawn after 10 minutes.

They can drop weapons and armor, Flux, and Pearls of Wisdom.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • They can crash through ceilings, and even dungeon ceilings.
  • Shadow Giants can be a hindrance to players who want to go AFK in seemingly safe territory. If you are going AFK in anywhere but the Hub or a Club World, build a large tower and stand on top of it where the giants most likely can't attack you. Alternatively, if you're in your Cornerstone, consider making a deep basement.