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Shadow Arena

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Shadow Arena last boss.jpg

Shadow Arena is the most difficult type of dungeons which has a high cost to open and needs a ton work to win. You should get a Shadow Key first to enter an arena.

To get Shadow Key, you should collect 400 Shadow Key Fragments and 10 Shadow Key Gems, both are hard to collect. When you have a Shadow Key, you should search for a shadow dungeon at uber worlds because shadow dungeon only are spawnable at uber worlds. But here is the problem: Shadow dungeons not shown up on maps. So you should just explore (randomly).

When you found it, you should invite people for making it less diffucult, or you can die on first wave.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

That arena has a task "Activate the cursed skulls". You should hold H (go to hub) to run or go and fight! The arena is gigantic, and you can use all arena. The different from a normal "cursed skulls", this one has 5 waves, some filled with bosses, some filled with enemies.

It's recommened to show all your power to defeat arena, but also if you store your power to last wave, comes a powerful tactic. Because the last wave has got a boss which is harder than all bosses you're even seen. It's a boss that only spawns at Shadow Arena, and has got gigantic size, HP and damage. If you playing arena first time you can get scared a bit.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Loot and difficulty are based on where you found shadow dungeon in, for example, the arena found on uber 4 makes loot better while uber 2 makes loot bad (same for the fight).

Also the loot always contains few shadow shards and 4-5 powerful gears, and that arena is a very good way to make xp to level up.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is recommened to invite people because arena comes easy to defeat and sometimes you can find people with shadow keys (free shadow arena).
  • Also if you want to pass fight without dying here is a recommended stat list:

4000 max HP

600 HP regeneration

800 damage (magic)

1000 damage (melee)

8 jumps

It is the minimum values and suitable for uber 1 and 2, for 3 and 4, %40 greater and for 5 and 6 %80 greater values recommended.