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Quests are objectives to complete a dungeon area. As you come close to a open world dungeon, you will receive a quest in the top right hand corner of the screen, explaining what is required to complete the dungeon in the area. Once the objective is completed, a chest will spawn near the spawn point of the boss monster of the dungeon that you then beat up to open and attain the loot. When opening the map, a red X will be shown on the map for any completed dungeons in the viewable section of the map. A Large red X will note group dungeons while a small red X will note a solo dungeon.

  • Note* - Any dungeons can be completed by any amount of people by doing damage to the boss monsters, the size of the X's is only to show what the dungeon was designed for, either group or solo.

The quest will have a Star icon next to the objective, noting that it will add to your daily Cubits bar once completed. Some dungeons have multiple boss monsters, which will be noted by a single star, while the primary boss is noted by a set of 3 stars. The single star bosses are optional bosses, which will also drop a chest of loot but will not mark the dungeon as completed when killed.

Quests available at moment are: