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Player marketplace

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The player marketplace is a menu where players can sell multiple items, rather then equipment, rings and other items that are equip able.

The marketplace becomes available when a player reaches mastery rank 10.

To bring up the marketplace menu, press the U button on the keyboard. A new player will receive one of many selling slots, these slots can be used to sell your items that you do not need for flux, eyes, glim and etc

The most common trading material is flux. To buy a new slot, it costs 200 Rainbowcubit.png or 2500 Cubit templ.png.

Gaining Income[edit | edit source]

A player can easily make a large profit by buying and selling multiple items on the marketplace. This can be achieved easily by using only one selling slot, or using multiple to gain flux at a constant rate. A simple means of doing this is by farming Eyes Of Q'bthulhu