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Pirate Captain

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The Pirate Captain class.
Can be bought for
1050 Rainbowcubit.png or 6500 Cubit templ.png.

Class Description

Set sail for misdirection! With the swashbuckling antics of the pirate captain and his cannon savvy first mate (whom I have affectionately named Carlton) on your side, you can't go wrong! Unlike most other classes, the pirate captain does not use energy like a madman, and prefers to keep it closer than the last bottle of rum. With his passive, which drops energy filled doubloons with every enemy hit by his feared Plunderbuss at his disposal and a trigger happy first mate ready to redeploy at a moments notice with a click of the right mouse button, any pirate is a force to be reckoned with at respectable range. The real trick lies in keeping the heat off of your peg legged pirate, and that's where the pretend pirate comes in. Not only does he draw more aggro than a taunting damage tanker, he'll explode on destruction for a nice bit of damage. The captains prized possession, the man o war mortar is a marvel of engineering, capable of bombarding mobs from a distance with decent speed. A good pirate captain will scope out his prey and send in his first mate to fire first strike. The confused mob will make a beeline for the captain, and you're free to take a few shots and make some doubloons before using the decoy and backing up. Should the prey not go down with this nasty combo, make sure the man o war is set in place and you keep blasting away, deploying more decoys as necessary. Your first mate should only be redeployed in dire circumstances, as he'll get more powerful the more doubloons you swipe from enemies. Place your guns right and any baddie will be running for the hills with a couple cannon balls chasing after him!

Icon Name Type Key Description
Plunderbuss.png Plunderbuss Passive None Attacking Enemies causes them to drop Doubloons, which generate energy and increase the damage of any active First Mate turret.
First Mate.png First Mate Active Right-Click The Pirate's First Mate mans a turret that attacks enemies. Each time First Mate is used, it can be upgraded by picking up Doubloons.
Pretend Pirate.png Pretend Pirate Active 1 Throws down a booby-trap decoy that enemies will attack.
Man o' war.png Man o' War Ultimate 2 Summons an extra powerful Man o'War turret which lobs explosive shells that deal damage over a small area.


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