Pink Neonode Auto-Assembler

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"Decorative. These cybernetic organelles dot the landscape of the Neon City, gradually recharging nearby robots via microwaves. Requires red light to mature."

Pink Neonode Auto-Assembler is a seed that can be crafted with Gardening, and can be planted in a Cornerstone or Clubworld to grow a Pink Neonode Auto-Assembler found in the Neon City.

It must be planted near a Red Torch in order to grow properly.

It takes approximately 4 hours to grow, and you craft 5 at a time.

It requires level 100+ Gardening to craft Pink Neonode Auto-Assembler.

Pink Neonode Auto-Assemblers fully grown.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

x1 Plasmic Solution

x25 Sunlight Bulb