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Allies were previously known as pets in the Alpha Version of Trove, and the player could buy the following pets from the Trove store:

  • Qubrix
  • Sporesly
  • Quchik

Each ally has it's own special attributes that give it's owner boosts, such as damage up's and % health increases. Now with the Fish 'N Ships update many different allies can be purchased from Pirate Traders at the cost of x300 Glim. The pirates will sell you a "<ally type> Soultrap" you activate this soultrap by double clicking, and it will automatically drop your new ally into your inventory. You double click on the ally in your inventory to consume the "recipe" for it and then can activate it by clicking the allies box in your inventory (accessed by pressing B) and browsing for your chosen ally. Allies that are now available for purchase from Pirate Traders include:

  • Qubesly
  • Raptor
  • Cat
  • Buddy Bot

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