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Trove's history is mostly that of the Trovians. The Trovians believe the sky breathed life into them at the summit of the sky realm. The many mountain ranges in and around the province resulted from unknown cataclysms in the Dawn Era. The only known relic from this time is the Skyforge, an ancient, powerful, and still-active forge built into the living rock in modern-day Candoria. Who built it remains a mystery, but the Shadow creatures feared it, and this led the invading Qbthulu minions to claim it for the Shadow creatures.

The Shadow creatures occupied Trove until the late Merethic Era, when the final wave of Trovianic immigration, led by The sun godness, finally established Trovianic supremacy in modern-day Trove. Settlers from Medieval highlands crossed the Sea of Deep regret and made landfall here many times, often clashing with those who had already established the Shadow creatures. The sun godness's clan expanded their territory, and it continued to expand and contract by winning and losing territories in Dragonfire peaks and Medieval highlands during the First Era. Shadow creatures rule of Trove is thought to have ended under the reign of Maucy (1E 143 - 1E 221). However, the Dragons remained in their underground cities and in massive underground caverns like Dragonfire peaks, while on the surface pockets of Shadow creatures hid away in the wilderness. The Trovians often tried to battle with the Dragons, but rarely had any success. When the Dragons disappeared around 1E 700, they left behind the Qbthulu, Shadow creatures who they had allowed to take refuge with them and then twisted into rebellious slave monsters. They remained under the ground, occasionally making forays to the surface and creating legends amongst the Trovians of their presence and malevolent intent.

In 2E 431, a dispute over the succession resulted in Trove's division into two independent kingdoms. It began when Orian of Medieval highlands challenged the legitimacy of Qbthulu heir and a Moot was convened. Although Qbthulu was accepted by the Pinata god, a magical artifact crafted to test the worthiness of potential rulers of Trove, and named Godness in Candoria, a partial Moot held in Desert frontier declared Orian to be High King. From then on, Trove was divided into an Eastern kingdom, which consisted of the holds of the Cursed skulls, Medieval highlands, Neon city and Dragonfire peaks and was ruled by the successors of Qbthulu, and a Western kingdom, ruled by the successors of Orian and containing the holds of Treasure isles, Candoria and Hjaalmarch. This schism persisted at least until the time of the Alliance War in 2E 582. At that time, the Permafrost did not belong to either kingdom, being ruled by the Reachmen under the Despot of Dragonfire peaks instead.

Shadow strongholds dot the wilderness; many Shadow creatures were escorted into Trove by the Trovians following the sacking of Orsinium in the early Fourth Era. The Shadow creatures population has also increased due to the Red Year of 4E 5, when natural disasters in Dragon peaks sent many creatures fleeing into eastern Trove. Following the Great War, Candorian officials hunted for and persecuted Qbthulu worshippers, thus bringing some small measure of Shadow creatures rule back to Trove. While these smaller creatures vied for dominance over the millennia, the giants have been largely ignored (and often protected by law).