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Gardening is done with a Gardening Bench, where you can craft various plants.

Some plants can be harvested for crafting materials, most notably Steed Feed, while others are solely for decoration.

Each character has a Gardening Level. Plants are separated into 6 different categories or tiers of Gardening, blocked by your character's Gardening level. The tiers go by 50's, starting from level 0 to level 50, 100, etc. until level 250, which is the maximum Gardening level. You gain one level for every item you craft in your most recently unlocked tier.

Note that for every tier unlocked, you gain +75 points of Mastery.

Additionally, Gardening requires a great deal of Sunlight Bulbs, which can be found in the Peaceful Hills around and inside giant sunflower-shaped structures.

Lastly, plants grown in the wrong environment will wilt and die. If you are unsure whether a plant will grow in a certain area, plant only a single seed and see if it wilts. Don't waste your entire hoard of seed!

How to level up Gardening efficiently

Level 0-50: 50 Sponge, 80 Unripe Compost Heap (To obtain the Rich Fertilizer needed for Steed Feed & Bottle Seed. If you have them already, disregard)

Level 50-100: 40 Lava Sponge, 10 Ash Pile (To obtain the Fertile ash for the Dormant Dragon's Eye Seed's. If you have them already, create another 10 Lava Sponges)

Level 100-150: 50 Dormant Dragon's Eye Seed

Level 150-200: 50 Shady Shroom Spores (OR 50 Steed Feed Seed which are useful)

Level 200-250: 50 Bottle Seed

The Gardening window, with the Newbie tab open.
A wilted plant, grown in the wrong environment.

Recipes unlocked by Gardening level

Newbie (0-50):


Unripe Compost Heap

Grass Seeds

Lawn Grass Seeds

Fall Grass Crop

Harvested Grass Seeds

Dabbler (50-100):

Lava Sponge

Ash Pile

Splendid Sunflower Seed

Crunchy Carrot Seed

Highland Flower Seeds

Lyrica Lily Seed

Dry Grass Seeds

Undead Grass Husks

Trickster Turf Tufts

Bulbous Cactus Bud

Irisia Seed

Spring Reed Seed

Springbulb Seed

Wild Windchime Seed

Frost Freckle Seed

Enthusiast (100-150)

Plasma Sponge

Plasma Condenser

Torched Turf Seeds

Burninated Bush

Dormant Dragon's Eye Seed

Chip Crop

Capacitor Cultivar

Pink Neonode Auto-Assembler

Green Neonode Auto-Assembler

Power Core Polyp

Festooned Tree Cone

Dancing Daffodil Seed

Crown Crocus Seed

Constellated Crocus Seed

Snowpuff Seed

Frostflake Seed

Gardener (150-200)

Shady Shroom Spores

Magna Tectonia Bud

Blue Faezalea Pip

Green Faernflower Pip

Fae Floret Seeds

Fae Bush Seed

Bone Snapper Bulb

Steed Feed Seed

Twisted Corpsebloom Seed

Pink Faelily Pip

Holohock Matrix

Bit Blossom Matrix

Neon Irisia Seed

Spring Challice Seed

Arcanaegis Seed

Fae Crown Seed Bundle

Winter's Challice Seed

Lilac Lamp Seeds

Green Thumb (200-250)

Bottle Seed

Cupcake Seed

Enchanted Stump Seed

Snow Queen's Crown Seed

Solstice Sunflower Seed

Botanist (250)

Lumina Bulb

Curious Cactus Bud

Red Cubesettia Seed

Orange Cubesettia Seed

Yellow Cubesettia Seed

Green Cubesettia Seed

Blue Cubesettia Seed

Purple Cubesettia Seed

Rainbow Cubesettia Seed

Spring Bloom Seed

Mount: Springy Sporeling

Pumpkin Seed