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Emblems served as a boost for health, regeneration, speed and etc. in the Alpha version of the game. They don't appear in the currently running game version.

Unfortunately, most of the emblems carry the same name in the Alpha Version of the game and only vary in their look and effects. Like weapons, the emblems also are marked with different colours, depending on their level. Perhaps the coming versions will change their titles, making it easier to sort them into their category.

A small list of found emblems[edit | edit source]

Quick Emblems
Image Name Effects Colour
Quick Emblem 571 Maximum Health
87 Health Regeneration
3 Movement Speed

Quick Emblem 1032 Maximum Health
182 Health Regeneration
3 Jump

Quick Emblem 598 Maximum Health
93 Health Regeneration
1 Jump

Quick Emblem 600 Maximum Health
75 Health Regeneration
3 Movement Speed

Quickemblem mc.png
Quick Emblem 1954 Maximum Health
281 Health Regeneration
3 Movement Speed
4 Jump

Quickemblem gre.png
Quick Emblem 96 Maximum Health
1 Jump

Quick Emblem 54 Maximum Health

Tough Emblems
Image Name Effects Colour
Toughemblem shield.png
Tough Emblem 578 Maximum Health
80 Health Regeneration
11 Stability
2 Movement Speed

Toughemblem shield.png
Tough Emblem 100 Maximum Health
6 Stability

Toughemblem shield.png
Tough Emblem 97 Maximum Health
14 Health Regeneration

Toughemblem blu.png
Tough Emblem 185 Maximum Health
29 Health Regeneration

Tough Emblem 616 Maximum Health
76 Health Regeneration
11 Stability
3 Movement Speed

Toughemblem clover.png
Tough Emblem 57 Maximum Health

[[File:|40px|center]] Tough Emblem 319 Maximum Healthy
43 Health Regeneration
11 Stability