Crafting Material

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Crafting Materials are items used for Crafting.

Ores[edit | edit source]

Block Materials found through mining and fishing.

A cluster of ores.
Shapestone Ore Shapestone.png
Formicite Ore Formicite ore.png
Infinium Ore Infinium.png
Golden Soul
Glacial Shard
Primordial Flame
Somber Soul

Creature Materials[edit | edit source]

Found from killing Creatures.

Mushroom Chunks
Sticky Ichor
Bleached Bone
Robotic Salvage
Warpseed/only in the alpha or beta
Faerie Dust

Gardening/Wild Materials[edit | edit source]

Found in the wild or harvested through Gardening.

Bottle Tr bottle.png
Wild Cupcake
Enchanted Wood Enchanted wood.png
Mushroom Chunks
Sunlight Bulbs Sunlight Bulb.png (found only in the wild)
Pumpkin(Halloween event material)