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The Class Changer interface, displaying all current classes.

"Class" defines the type of character being played.

Each class has their own attacks, skills, and outfits.

List of classes:[edit | edit source]

Knight - Uses powerful melee attacks and has a tank fighting style.

Gunslinger - Uses ranged attacks and has a mobile fighting style.

Fae Trickster - Uses ranged staff attacks and unique magical abilities.

Dracolyte - Uses powerful magic attacks and has a destructive fighting style.

Neon Ninja - Uses fast melee attacks and has a quick fighting style.

Candy Barbarian - Uses melee attacks and has both offensive and supportive abilities.

Ice Sage - Uses ranged staff attacks and casts ice spells.

Shadow Hunter - Uses ranged bow attacks and has a mobile fighting style.

Pirate Captain - Uses ranged attacks and a unique energy system.

Tomb Raiser - Uses ranged laser attacks and can command the undead with your necromancy giving high damage and tanking.

Boomeranger - Uses both melee and ranged attacks with a mysterious ultimate skill.

Lunar Lancer - Uses melee spear attacks and has a good mobility, strong ultimate skill and strong passive.

Revenant - uses spears, shield-bash and spectral suit of armor! Sacrifices health to damage foes and protects allies from harm.

Chloromancer - uses Leafy Lasher and Phytobarrier forms 5 flowers to spawn at once.


Dino Tamer For more info, view the official webpage: Classes

New classes are being developed

How to change the class[edit | edit source]

To change classes, press J or the specified class change button. The old way to change the class- the player must go to the "class changer" which is available in the hub and can be crafted by using the Crafting Bench. One must open the class changer interface by pressing "E" while looking at the class changer, then a window will open and show the available classes.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

(Since beta launch)

FreeCubit templ.png
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Fae Trickster
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5000Cubit templ.png
Neon Ninja
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