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"Chlorophylled to the max with flower power, this leafy legionnaire brings Trove healing to a whole new level. Don’t think of this gluten free guardian as a one trick poinsettia, because the Chloromancer also brings nature’s brute force to the table." - Quote from the official site[1] This class was introduced: December 11, 2015.

Icon Name Type Key Description
File:Phytobarrier.png Phytobarrier Passive None When the Chloromancer’s health drops below 50%, a shield goes up, absorbing an amount of damage based on your maximum health.
File:Leafylasher.png Leafy Lasher Active Right-Click Toss a plant that grows over time – you can speed up the growth with your main attack. Once the plant has reached full power, it unleashes a whirlwind attack that damages and snares all nearby foes. A maximum of five leafy lashers can be active at a time.
File:Bloomingpollinator.png Blooming Pollinator Active 1 Throw out a healing flower that can be empowered by your main attack. While the plant is growing, it heals any nearby players, but upon reaching full power, the flower erupts, damaging all enemies caught in the wake.
File:Sowchaos.png Sow Chaos Ultimate 2 Spawn a seedling that hops around the Chloromancer, gleefully planting lash vines and healing flowers – both grow more quickly as you empower them. This ability is great for slowing enemies in a larger area, and brings the pain!

When players reach level 10 on any Trove class, they’ll automatically unlock a unique RIFT cloak from the Plane of Cubes for all their RIFT characters! Reaching level 20 with any Trove class will unlock Vox, the Budgie mount in RIFT! The Chloromancer class in Trove can also be unlocked for free by completing the quest Blocked! by Chloromancer Evort in Sanctum or Meridian in RIFT. New players will have to complete the tutorial first.



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