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Candy Barbarian

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The Candy Barbarian,
available in the Trove store for 1050 Rainbowcubit.png or 5000 Cubit templ.png

The Candy Barbarian is one of the more damage dealing classes in Trove, but unlike the armored knight, this hapless Sugar sap needs a lot more help staying alive. When faced with any one on one threat it is most always best to leap into combat with a sugar crash, not only because it will get you a first strike, but it will also generate at least one gum drop. Gum drops significantly increase the barbarians attack speed, making sugar crash the almost necessary initiation technique. When fighting a boss or something higher leveled, a candy barbarian will almost always want to spin with vanilla swirlwind, as it does both damage and give a good chunk of health back to the barbarian. The Eis-Crom Cone is a tricky ultimate to manage, as it is a very literal sugar coated nuke, but will also heal most health bars back to near 100%, and wasting it as an initial strike method could spell sour doom for the sweet berserker. Using a barbarian right requires both luck and timing, and with a good combination of both all monsters may come to fear the whirling sugar sweetened death cloud they find themselves facing.

Icon Name Type Key Description
Gum drop.png Gum Drop Passive None When attacked, the Candy Barbarian will sometimes drop rage-enducing Gum Drops, increasing attack speed and movement speed.
Sugar crash.png Sugar Crash Active Right-Click The Candy Barbarian leaps at enemies, dealing damage over an area and creating Gum Drops.
Vanilla swirlwind.png Vanilla Swirlwind Active 1 The Candy Barbarian spins around, attacking all nearby foes and creating Healing Candy for himself.
Ice-Crom Cone.png Eis-Crom Cone Ultimate 2 The Candy Barbarian drops a large ice cream cone, dealing damage over an area, creating Gum Drops, and dropping Healing Candy for allies.


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