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The player will find in Trove many different Biomes with its own look and creatures. Each type of biome also has its own Dungeons, Recipe Dungeons, and Equipment that are unique to that biome.

Please click on the color icons to open the articles about each Biome! Please note that the colors of biomes on the map vary slightly!

These Field-type areas are peaceful and without Creatures. The area is dominated by a settlement with many cornerstones, and you can find Sunlight Bulbs if you are fortunate.
These Forest-type areas are full of mushrooms, Enchanted Wood, and woodland Creatures (they're more dangerous than they sound).
The Cursed Vale is generally bleak and full of undead Creatures.
Permafrost is full with frozen tundras with large amounts of snow and terrifying ice physics. Undead, warrior skeletons and wraiths roam there.
links="Desert" Biomes
The Desert Frontier is a dry country with craggy canyon buttes.
Fae biomes. Magical areas filled with Fae-type Creatures.
Draconic biomes. A land inhabited by dragons and molten Creatures. Be careful not to step in lava!
The Neon City is full of robots and glowing plasma.
Candoria is entirely made out of sweets (even the Creatures).
Tabula Rasa, as it implies, is a barren land with only a few faults.