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Abilities are the skills available to characters based on class.

There are two types of abilities: active and passive. Each class has 3 active abilities and 1 passive ability.

Knight Abilities

Icon Name Type Key Description
Retribution.png Retribution Passive None Upon taking damage charges the next attack with extra power
Smash.png Smash Active Right-Click Cone attack for moderate damage and heavy knockback
Charge.png Charge! Active 1 Charge forward and deal moderate damage
Iron will.png Iron Will Ultimate 2 Restore all health and reduce incoming damage

Shadow Hunter Abilities

Icon Name Type Key Description
Dark whispers.png Dark Whispers passive none Nearby enemies periodically receive a Shadowmark, increasing the damage they take from charged Radiant Arrow shots and allowing the Shadow Hunter to see them through walls.
Radiant arrow.png Radiant Arrow active Right-Click An attack that can pierce through enemies and walls. Hold for at least 1 second to charge, causing it to deal extra damage to Shadowmarked enemies.
Sun snare.png Sun Snare active 1 Throws a blinding trap which stuns and damages all nearby enemies for 2 seconds when triggered.
Arrow of the goddess.png Arrow of the Goddess ultimate 2 Applies Shadowmark to all nearby enemies. Empowers the Shadow Hunter's next Radiant Arrow, increasing its damage and causing it to knock enemies back.

Gunslinger Abilities

Icon Name Type Key Description
Lucky shot.png Lucky Shot Passive None Randomly on dealing damage fully charges next charged shot
Charged shot.png Charged Shot Active Right-Click Hold to charge up a powerful area of effect blast
Blast jump.png Blast Jump Active 1 Deal moderate area damage and shoot yourself into the sky
Run and gun.png Run and Gun Ultimate 2 Shoot faster, move faster, and shooting no longer slows you

Fae Trickster Abilities

Icon Name Type Key Description
Ego blast.png Ego Blast Passive None If the Trickster has taken no damage for two seconds, their basic attack deals bonus damage.
Glitterbomb.png Glitterbomb Active Right-Click Throws a shiny bomb which deals damage in an area and knocks back enemies.
Blink.png Blink Active 1 Teleport's the Trickster forward, leaving a decoy behind that enemies will attack.
Fairy dance.png Fairy Dance Ultimate 2 Summons 3 enchanted staves to attack the Trickster's enemies.

Dracolyte Abilities

Icon Name Type Key Description
Fire walking.png Firewalking Passive None Walk swiftly through lava without being harmed (much).
Spit fire.png Spit Fire Active Right-Click Your familiar spits a fireball, if he's been charged up enough.
Burnt offering.png Burnt Offering Active 1 Throws a Dragon Idol that must be hit 4 times to detonate.
Avatar of flame.png Avatar of Flame Ultimate 2 Transform into a living embodiment of dragonic fury.

Pirate Captain Abilities

Icon Name Type Key Description
Plunderbuss.png Plunderbuss Passive None Attacking Enemies causes them to drop Doubloons, which generate energy and increase the damage of any active First Mate turret.
First Mate.png First Mate Active Right-Click The Pirate's First Mate mans a turret that attacks enemies. Each time First Mate is used, it can be upgraded by picking up Doubloons.
Pretend Pirate.png Pretend Pirate Active 1 Throws down a booby-trap decoy that enemies will attack.
Man o' war.png Man o' War Ultimate 2 Summons an extra powerful Man o'War turret which lobs explosive shells that deal damage over a small area.

Neon Ninja Abilities

Icon Name Type Key Description
Shining star.png Shining star Passive None Gathers 1 shuriken per struck enemy, thrown in stealth mode. up to 3 can be held at once, disappear after too long.
Shadow flip.png Shadow flip Active Right-Click Back flip into stealth mode for 3 seconds. Enemies can't see you & movement speed is buffed for as long as stealth lasts. Summons a illusion ninja in your place that enemies attack.
Stasis blade.png Stasis blade Active 1 Dash forward dealing damage & rooting struck enemies in place for 2 seconds
Final technique.png Final technique Ultimate 2 Hurl damaging sword beams at enemies that refresh their root time if rooted by stasis blade. Only lasts a few seconds.

Boomeranger Abilities

Icon Name Type Key Description
Final blow.png Final Blow Passive None Every third attack done by the Boomeranger does extra damage.
Boomerang.png Boomerang Active Right-Click Throws a stunning boomerang that returns after hitting an enemy or wall. If caught on the return trip, all cooldowns are reduced.
Big bomb.png Big Bomb Active 1 Throws a timed bomb for big damgage and destruction.
Mysterious urn.png Mysterious Urn Ultimate 2 Throws a mysterious urn for area damage and a random bonus.

Tomb Raiser Abilities

Icon Name Description
Soul caller.png Soul Caller Periodically attracts a restless soul, up to a maximum of three. Additionally, slaying enemies attracts a restless soul. Basic attacks return a small amount of damage done as health.
Bonetourage.png Bonetourage Throw a restless soul, consuming it and spawning a skeletal minion where it lands. Minions will fight for you for a short while.
Banshees boon.png Banshee's Boon Turns the user into a ghost(not literally). While in ghost form you take 90% less damage, and your primary attack affects all enemies and minions around you. Ghost form rapidly depletes your energy and ends when energy reaches zero.
Grave Goliath.png Grave Goliath Sacrifice all your active minions to summon a Grave Goliath! The more minions sacrificed, the stronger the Grave Goliath is.

Ice Sage Abilities

Icon Name Description
Coldhearted.png Coldhearted The Ice Sage's basic attack chills enemies, slowing their movement speed. Additionally, Ice Sages can walk across ice without slipping.
Icecrash.png Ice Crash Drops an icicle from the heavens, dealing damage over an area.
Frozen ward.png Frozen Ward Increases the movement speed, damage, and attack speed of the Ice Sage. Any damaging attack that would do more than 10% of the Ice Sage's maximum health is absorbed, breaking the Frozen Ward.
The big chill.png The Big Chill Freezes and damages all enemies around the Ice Sage for 3.5 seconds. Any damage done to frozen enemies is applied when they thaw.

Candy Barbarian Abilities

Icon Name Type Key Description
Gum drop.png Gum Drop Passive None When attacked, the Candy Barbarian will sometimes drop rage-enducing Gum Drops, increasing attack speed and movement speed.
Sugar crash.png Sugar Crash Active Right-Click The Candy Barbarian leaps at enemies, dealing damage over an area and creating Gum Drops.
Vanilla swirlwind.png Vanilla Swirlwind Active 1 The Candy Barbarian spins around, attacking all nearby foes and creating Healing Candy for himself.
Ice-Crom Cone.png Eis-Crom Cone Ultimate 2 The Candy Barbarian drops a large ice cream cone, dealing damage over an area, creating Gum Drops, and dropping Healing Candy for allies.